Men are physically stronger than women.

Therefore =

Women walk around worrying about their physical safety or in fear of what men could do to them.


Every time I’ve heard this spoken about it’s always as if this is normal, it’s a normal state for women to be in and it’s normal in society, and it’s all okay and unquestioned (I mean unquestioned beyond radical feminists screaming about what men have done to the world and that they need to change their patriarchal ways).

This may be a common experience, but it is CERTAINLY NOT normal.

I do not, and I will not, walk around in this state of fear.

No. Just no.

Cause here’s the thing – whether a man could lift more weight than me at the gym is irrelevant to if he is dangerous to me (even and especially when he is trying to be).

Regardless of how great their intent to harm me is, their physical strength compared to mine doesn’t matter.

Once my dad said to me “Whoever has the biggest energy wins.”

And what I understand this to mean in myself is the person who has the clearest, highest frequency energy gets what they want.
And the murkier and more blocked their energy the harder it is to get what they want.
The clearer your energy the more powerful you are.

So this is what I have always known to be the truth –
If a man threatens me, his physical strength does not matter.
Whether he is armed or not does not matter.
Whether he is one man or a group does not matter.
He does not matter at all.
I do.

And I know myself –
When I am in danger I become totally clear.
Every kink or block in my energy field evaporates instantly and I can feel everything that’s happening before it even happens.
I am powerful beyond imagination and there is nothing and no one that could injure me when I am in this space. The only way anyone could is if I decided they could.

This is especially the case with someone who is unclear in themselves.
And if someone is purposely trying to injure another they aren’t clear, they are Triggered with a capital T.
Their emotional wounds are running them and have total control over them.
They have virtually no power.
Which I can (and have) used to protect myself and more then makes up for any difference in physical strength.

Have you ever tried to manipulate someone who’s energetically clear? It’s almost impossible.
How about if they are triggered? Easy peasy.
Emotional baggage literally makes us weaker – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically.

Beyond energy, there are other things that give me an advantage.

Bullies are the most insecure people on the planet.
The more someone bullies, intimidates, or abuses other people the more insecure they are on the inside.
They may have thick armour on the outside, but it does not protect them from what they feel underneath when someone doesn’t buy their bullshit.
Whatever trauma that happened to them that caused this behaviour is still there and they are actually really really really scared of feeling it.

When men have tried this on me, they usually run away very quickly. When they are met without fear their armour crumbles and they panic.
They have often spent many years of their life trying to not feel this and then they meet me and they have no idea what’s happening and any attempt to hurt me is forgotten.

And the beautiful thing is that this tender part of them that they have tried to hide for so long doesn’t want to hurt me.
That little boy that’s been activated doesn’t want to hurt anyone at all. He’s actually quite sweet.

These are situations that easily could have been traumatic for me, and I could easily hate these men but here I am right now remembering some of them with fondness (although I would not let them into my life without solid evidence of their transformation and growth).
There was a real purity in some of those moments and I probably got to see a side of them they didn’t show anyone. Even if it was only for a few seconds.

Sometimes I wonder if they chose a different path in their life after that moment.
I wonder if they saw what an opportunity they had to change and took it, or if they shoved it back down and continued on with what was familiar.
It’s my belief that they choose me as their victim (although I never was anyones victim) because some part of their soul knew what was coming to them if they did.
Those that didn’t want to go there ran quickly from me, and those that did persisted until they were humbled.

But still –
What anyone else does or doesn’t do, feel or be is irrelevant to my safety.

And I choose not to run that fear frequency through my body.
That would be dangerous.

Women walking in fear for their safety is an old paradigm, one we can choose to let go.
I’m not saying that it’s an easy choice – it’s a decision that requires full commitment and going against the tribe, but it is possible.
What would that world be like to live in…?

There is nothing men can do to make women feel safe if they don’t feel safe within themselves.
Men have no power over how women feel. Our safety is our own responsibility.

*This is a very gendered post, but it could be any gender combination and there are definitely ways that the themes in this are reversed for men and women.
**I am in no way blaming victims of abuse for an abusers behaviour. Everyone is 100% responsible for their own actions and there are no excuses for harming anyone.