She throws her head back in rapture. He waits in anticipation. She’s so unpredictable. She can feel a volcanic force rising up from her core, from her womb. It terrifies her. So much energy and potency… she is as expectant as he is. She too has no idea how this energy will be expressed. All she knows is that she cannot contain it.

Her body heats up and steamy tears stream from her eyes and then she feels the ball of energy move up from her womb through her heart and past her throat making a rich guttural wailing sound. An expression of intensity, mixed with pain and love.

Her hips move, her spine undulates and she cry’s loudly now, uninhibited, free, she doesn’t understand why. There IS no ‘why’.

She feels orgasmic energy move down to her vagina, her lips engorge, her juices flow, her heart is so open, her body so expressive, and out of no where she starts to make sounds of orgasmic pleasure in between giggling exaltation.

He can feel her love. Pure. Unadulterated. It encapsulates him, but is, without imposition. Her hair is messy and mascara runs down her face. This expression is the most beautiful he has ever seen. A mix of sex and innocence and wildness. Rivalling any work of art or nature setting.

She tilts her head back. Closes her eyes.
she looks euphoric and then melts back in total softness.

Gently she opens her eyes, looking up at him and with so much love she whispers “Thank you for making me feel so safe. Thank you for taking me there” she says

And he feels profoundly privileged and proud. In this moment she has completely surrender herself to him and he has never felt quite so trusted and trustworthy. He notices that he is deeply moved and aroused and alive and ‘”in love”.

There are men that have been witness to this level of expression, that have received her wonder and understood the profound magic and beauty in it. And then there are men who will NEVER, EVER, EVER EXPERIENCE THIS!

I know, because there are men who have no idea as to how to make a women feel safe enough to open to this degree, there are men that accept the most shallow of sexual experiences or intimacy and TRUELY believe that they have seen it all, when all they have done is skimmed the surface of what’s possible.

I know because there are men I’ve journeyed with who have witnessed this in me and there are other men who have no idea as to how to reach my deeper layers.

There are men who the more I’ve gotten to know them the more I’ve opened, and others where the more I get to know them the more I’ve closed.

And I’ve seen it in my thousands of clients, time and time again.

It breaks my heart for these men, because I feel that there is such a deep yearning for MORE, but they just don’t have the access. They don’t know how to reach the depth of their intimate love interests. They are scared of that unpredictable volcanic force, they are terrified that their own hearts will be blasted open in the process. That they will come face to face with the pandoras box that resides within them. THAT THEY WILL BE SO OVERWHELMED by the love they will feel that they will be in danger beyond any danger they have ever known. That they will love her so much they wont be able to return to themselves. That they will get lost in her.

No! Best to just keep their hearts closed and control her to do the same. Safe. Predictable and fucking empty.

And so they DO life, keep busy and feed off the superficial and think they are in deep.

To these men that are HUNGRY for MORE!!

There is a DOOR. A way in. If you’d only let me show you.

It’s starts with opening your heart. There is no other access point. This is it.

Let me take you there…

Awakening Women – A Training for Men

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