If I could impart only one thing to women, it’s the incredible power that they hold to awaken and inspire the hearts of men.

All too often I see women shutting / numbing themselves down to protect themselves AGAINST men, denying their inner longings, clueless and disconnected to their innate magic.

They think to themselves, that OTHER women are enchanting, alluring, intoxicating, adorable, striking, loveable, but that they themselves do not hold this je ne sais quoi.

They think, clearly OTHER women may hold this power but such women are not “damaged like me”, not a single mother, they are young, beautiful, have a hot body, talented, sexy, (*insert what ever quality you elevate in others and don’t consider yourself to possesses).

Conversely, they tell themselves that they are superior to men, that men are at fault for their relationship dissatisfaction…

Either way..

… these women close off to love and the vulnerability of love because the whole saga just feels too painful to truly confront, or they settle and put up with relationships or disappointing ‘flings’ to fill up the void that they themselves feel.

To these women, being single isn’t a genuine choice, nor is being unsatisfactorily coupled.

I know this because I have journeyed this intimately.

On the surface I’ve always known I was considered beautiful, I was told I was sexy, I was told I was smart, people liked me and I expressed talent in different ways through my life and yet love and men eluded me.

I suffered regular disappointments and heartbreaks, I was bitter! There were times when I hated men for not ever REALLY seeing or loving me.

I swung between chopping off all my hair and putting on weight so that I didn’t have to “deal” with men’s attention, to going on crash diets and getting hair extensions to attract lots of men.

I swung from being scared of intimacy of any sort, to being promiscuous.

I swung from being an ice queen to being a “pathetic” door mat.

When I had enough, I got married to a man I loved but didn’t really know, or to be honest, respected, he was malleable and the whole thing was just too damn hard, I wanted the picket fence and a child at any cost, so I ‘made it happen’ irregardless of whether we were truly compatible or not. Superficially, he fit the bill.

Surprise, surprise – I got divorced.

I become a single mother.

I worked in the sex industry for 5 years. I studied men in their most intimate of habitats!

I devoured books on love, psychology and relating. I trained as a tantric practitioner and facilitated countless private consultations with men wanting to be the best lovers and men possible.

I learnt first hand how to bring men into their true power (not try hard power – true heart centred power), into their deepest vulnerabilities and into mastering their sexual energy.

I now facilitate some of the most advanced and revolutionary bodies of work in the field of sexuality, intimacy, self love and relating.

I have no doubt of how much power I hold as a woman, how magnetic I am and my capacity to inspire deep love, devotion and passion.

I want to share that knowledge with you! I want every women to know this about themselves.

I want this for women, and I want this for the beautiful men that this often untapped magic women hold, will awaken in them.

This is what I am devoting myself too.

If you want to come and work with me in real time, come experience Awakening Men – A Training for Women.

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