My role as a feminine essenced being is to be in my desire, beauty and raw untamed emotion.

If I want my partner to desire me, yearn for me, long for me….My job is to allure him in every possible way at any and all times of the day.

This is my feminine magnetism.

I choose to live from my feminine.


Because it feels most natural, relaxing and alive to do so.

I’m not saying everyone must or should.

But there is a certain dynamic I crave in my relationship. And that is to hunt one another in the unique ways we hunt.

It means to remind my partner of his hunger so his hunger comes for me and ravishes me to meet my maker.

It is my job to allure, enchant, inspire him.

And I submit to my place of power.

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Image of Shaney Marie by James Looker for The Vortex