It never ceases to amaze me, the shit people are putting up with in their relationships. Or the level of investment they put into crushes that do not reciprocate.

The best way to assess the health of your relationship or relationship patterns is to look at how your relationship or people you are drawn to make you FEEL!


In a healthy dynamic you feel…

More alive, inspired, nourished, supported, loved, cherished, safe, energised…

You feel you can take bigger risks and you have more juice and fuel to give more to others and make the world a better place. Your world and what is possible for you expands.

This person brings out the best in you and you notice that you are growing into the best version of yourself.


In an unhealthy dynamic, the opposite happens. Your world becomes smaller, all of your energy goes into this person, you feel insecure, you feel anxious, you become somewhat obsessive OR avoidant, perhaps you start numbing out, you become depleted and drained.

Your world shrinks and you barely recognise yourself, you’ve lost yourself, your self worth, your naturalness, your desires… you’ve compromised yourself.


This is not to say that there aren’t tough times in healthy relationships! Of course there are!! But on the balance of things, a healthy relationship leaves you with more of yourself NOT LESS!!!


So here’s my question to you – Is your relationship or your crush worthy of YOU?


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Awakening Men – A Training for Women

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Awakening Women – A Training for Men

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Image by Anna Stella Turner taken at Awakening Men October 2016