Everything’s made up.
Spiritual laws.
The laws of nature.
Actual legal laws…

It’s all made up.

Same as the ‘laws’ or ‘rules’ of relating.

Once upon a time, someone said;
“I know this really fun amazing game called relationship!
If you feel like somethings missing from your life, this will make you feel whole.
It will give you the support you need.
It will make your life better.
Come hunt for your soulmate!
Doesn’t that sound like fun everyone?”

So if you want to play, this is how and these are the rules of the game.
Master these and you’ll win.
(By win I mean receiving what you desire in relationship, getting your needs and wants met and meeting those of whoever you are relating with to create intimacy and connection.)

Later hollywood got involved too.
The game got bigger and better, more glamorous, more exciting and more sexy.
What the game meant to people grew, but it was really still the same old thing.

Somewhere along the line, how to play got a bit lost in translation.
And if you don’t know how, you probably aren’t going to win (get the deep deep intimacy you want).

There are a lot of people out there playing an advanced game with only beginner skills.
Wondering why it’s so hard, why it’s not working and why they keep seemingly ‘failing’.
They aren’t getting what they truly want from the game of relationship.
They might get some of their needs met some of the time, but it seems to be more by chance than anything dependable.
Parts of their relationships are what they desire, but other parts are far from desirable.

It’s all a bit confusing.

Cosmo or GQ might have some tips and tricks, but these are mostly ways to try and cheat to win and ultimately aren’t getting people where they want to be.
Plus they can be borderline (or not so borderline) manipulative.

So basically most people are learning how to play through trial and error and well meaning but bad advice and examples.

Some people recognise they need help, maybe only a little bit or maybe a lot, and are seeking out people to learn from who rock at playing the game.

One path to learn to play masterfully is to come to one of our Awakening Connections trainings.

Once you’ve mastered the existing game, wtf do you do then?
You get to create your own game, a new one, many new ones.
Whatever you want.
You get to create whatever you desire with whoever you choose to play with.
You are empowered to play in service to yourself and whoever you connect with.
You have full choice in whatever you craft.
And you get access to all the magic that isn’t even possible in the current game.

Or… I could’ve just made all this up.

Awakening Men – A Training for Women

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Awakening Women – A Training for Men

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