Get clear on what YOU DON’T WANT!

Which also means you might experience a few shitty relationships to really know first hand what doesn’t work for you. After those said relationships, you have to take full 1000% responsibility for what you created/consented to in that/those relationships.

Be clear WITH SELF around what you are not available for.

Such as ‘being with someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries when you say you need to take a break from a heated conversation and they continue to poke you’
OR ‘being with someone who doesn’t keep their word and is limp when it comes to showing up for the connection’.

Remember you also have to uphold the standards you create. An unwillingness to holding yourself accountable is your enemy and makes you leaky AF.

Be as clear as you can be about what kind of person/traits you know don’t gel well with you. What you are not attracted to. Trust your internal compass on this.

Be VERY discerning and cut throat. Move fast and don’t wallow in the drama.
If you want commitment, you need to commit to yourself and call out your BS and sabotage patterns.
Get yourself out in the world. Go on as many dates, to as many gigs etc as you can. Muster the courage to talk to as many people as you can. Remain open and curious while not wasting your time if you feel a strong no.

Be courageous and resilient while also being soft and open unless they show you something you need to protect yourself/your heart from. Then name it and see how they respond.

But most importantly, surrender over any control that you could even imagine what will be presented to you as an energetic fit.

You cannot control what the universe sends you but you can influence it by being clear, taking action and opening yourself up wide to all possibility.

The Awakening Connections 4 day trainings are coming up soon. These are an essential program if having an exquisite relationship to self and other is a high priority for you!

Awakening Men – A Training for Women

See the upcoming training information here (this is the last Level 1 training Shaney Marie will be facilitating for the foreseeable future).


Awakening Women – A Training for Men

See the upcoming training information here.