It’s so RARE we, as men, get to experience a woman being REALLY grounded and present with us.

A woman just being right there with us, seeing us, feeling us, who we really are…not wanting something from us, not hoping we’re more of this and less of that, not projecting her romantic desires, not projecting her disappointments on us.

Yet women so often demand this from us. Want to be held and touched with this presence, this lack of agenda.

Men not getting this is fracturing relationships and connection.

Destroying men.

Yes, that last sentence isn’t going to too far.

It wasn’t till my late 30s that I experienced this – something I’d been craving to experience from women for a long time.

I had lots of short relationships looking for it.

Most of that time I didn’t even know I wanted it.

When I did know that I wanted it, I’d ask for it, and these women – ‘conscious’, amazing women – were unable or didn’t know how to give it to me.

I was unreasonable. They didn’t know how. Their emotions were suddenly up. They got angry. I wasn’t enough of a man.

Then when I did experience it… I had children with her.

What I craved was a woman who could be really deeply grounded and present to me.

Who was able to feel and hear and want me… and was willing to WAIT for my subtle depths to be ready to open.

The experience of this from a woman was.. profound.

And I see this over and over again with the men I work with.

The women in their lives demanding they be more present, more grounded, while NOT giving these men the presence and groundedness that they yearn for.

In fact many men have no idea what it would feel like to have a woman really present and grounded with them as they’ve NEVER experienced it before.

And like me, probably don’t know they even want it.

Presence and groundedness transforms relationships. From both sides.

What can you do? Listen. Listen deeper. To him and to what your body is telling you from your experience of him.

Then listen deeper still. NEVER assume you ‘get him’ or ‘know’ what’s going on. Always be open to not knowing.

Listen deeper. Learn to listen, enquire, be curious, before you judge, assess, have your emotions demanding attention.

Learn to be with him, your agenda aside (easier said than done).

And so rant over, an invitation if this is striking a chord, I’d LOVE to show you exactly what you need to know to transform your relationship with men.

I’d love every man I work with to experience this.

Come and do the Grounded Woman Qigong or the Awakening Men Training.

In fact, if you can, do both.

Grounded Woman Qigong will teach you what I’ve been teaching men for over 10 years. EXACTLY how to get grounded and present, anywhere, anytime. How to bring your body intelligence more fully alive.

Awakening Men will reveal to you what’s really going on inside men. It’ll awaken a profound love for these remarkable creatures and give you the skills to connect to and communicate with us. To invite us to fully open to you.