Do you want me to open to you?

Then you need to listen to me. Really really listen. And wait.

Listen openly, without agenda.

Listen without wanting anything from me, even for me to open to you.

Just ask me how I am, how I really am, and wait.

I can tell if you really want to know. If you’re really willing to hear.

There are layers to what I feel. Deep subtle complexities that I might not know myself yet.

It’s not that I don’t want to share what’s going on. It’s that I don’t think you want to know. As in really know.

It might work better if you’re not looking at me. Driving is perfect, or sitting next to me on the couch/beach/park. Your emotions are so strong and intense and penetrating, it’s sometimes hard to let what’s really there reveal if we’re face on.

It’s pretty rare how I’m feeling doesn’t turn into how you feel about that.

And then I stop, it doesn’t feel safe.

You need to give me space, more space than you’re used to giving me.

Space for me to say something, and then for you not to say anything about what you’re feeling or thinking about it. I want you to be curious about me, about what’s really going on.

Allow space for what’s underneath that to reveal.

You see, there might be something that’s contrary to that first expression and you’ll miss it.

Space for the vast subtle world within me to clarify into words.
When we stop talking don’t fill it. Be curious. Ask me how that feels not why. Show me you really want to know.


If you really want to experience what this space in men is, how it feels, and develop skill in really really connecting with men… come do Awakening Men.

(A very important note: I’m NOT talking for all men. Just quite a few of us).