The truth is……I love being with an extremely masculine man. It suits me.

I love that he loves blood shed & male on male fighting.
I love that he commands what he wants of me in sex.
I love that he possesses me.
I love that he claims me, every cell and obliterates every other man who has touched me, out of me.
I love that when my shadow reacts he reminds me he won’t take that shit, just with one fierce look in his eyes that brings me to my knees.
I love that he isn’t easily convinced of anything, that he is extremely discerning and holds his own authority and truth above all else.
I love that he needs no-one and is at ease in his aloneness.
I love that his authority reigns in our dynamic and that I am ‘owned’ by him.

I love all this because I am able to submit so deeply to him that I feel the most relaxed I have ever felt in my life.

It is pure bliss for me, it’s something I longed for forever but was contaminated by this ideal of what an ’empowered woman’ looked like, which kept me fighting any form of authority.

What has been interesting is I feel more capable, more able, more supported, more clear and on my purpose than ever before. Things are manifesting at a much faster rate.

This is the energetics of coming into MY truth.

People love to cut down the innate natures of men and masculinity because people fear the over active control and authority that can come from men who’s power moves from insecurity, this is fake power.

But when a mans dominance is meet with reverence and nurtured by a woman who welcomes and accepts that part of his nature, the truth of his power can come into the light.

I am however in a position of recognition that I am never a victim and can never be taken for granted. That always I hold the power of my ability to communicate, be discerning, know what feels right for me and am in full choice of what I give and how I open.

I know how incredible I am as a being, as a woman and how much of a gift I am, my radiance, my orgasms, my heart, my creativity, my transmission; and that can never be taken for granted or abused because I don’t take it for granted or abuse it. If I don’t take it for granted then no one else can.

Therefore in this dynamic of deep feminine submission, I am also in my power…my dynamic power. From the outside it might look like I am being dominated, but from the inside the truth is very different….I am giving myself over BY CHOICE because it serves me greatly to be so deep in myself and it serves him greatly to be in service of my depth.

But to reach this euphoric place in relationship, you MUST clear out your illusionary stories of men and masculinity and all the lies you have been programmed to believe and the programming is STRONG.

Alejandra Nicolazzo is currently running a free online course in the lead up to our 4 day women’s training.

What I have seen astounds me. The list of negative beliefs that women are holding around men is such a distortion of the truth and yet still all these women continue to not invest and clean up this part of their psyches. It’s like people want to continue to live in suffering, living in illusions, holding tight to their stories and ‘proof’ that men are wrong.

The Awakening Connections work set me on a trajectory of coming into the deeper truth of my desires by laying out in front of me all the shitty beliefs I subscribed too and how those beliefs were formulating my relating.

What you give consciousness to formulates your reality, this is a fundamental truth to all high and worthwhile spiritual philosophy. That consciousness is incredibly potent and therefore how it is used/channelled, determines what is created in your world and OUR world.

Now Awakening Connections isn’t about being super masculine and feminine and producing the same outcome for all participants. The work actually supported me to filter through the lies and come into MY TRUTH and that was just my own personal outcome. It brought me clarity, permission and supported me to find what is the most relaxing relating dynamics for me. It gave me the tools to be able to determine this for myself. But I also suspect this yearning for a polarised dynamic is also true for a lot of other women and men and what they deep down want to play with.

What Awakening Connections does do though is support you to relieve yourself of your illusions so that you can see more clearly, feel more clearly, and act from a place of deeper self trust and knowing.

It is a process, a commitment, not a magic pill but I cant help but keep thinking about all those people out there in the world running the same old shitty narratives about the opposite sex as if its truth, when it is not. Those stories that are continually energetically being regurgitated and proven as ‘true’ are the very things creating the same outcomes….boring huh.

Take action on what it is you want.

Quit complaining, whining and subscribing to shit that doesn’t empower you and get you what you actually want.

Awakening Men for women is soon.

Do yourself a favour and change your paradigm by DOING THE WORK needed for you to actually relish in the gifts available to you through your relationships.