This is a common complaint from so many women.

Good men are everywhere, but women need to…

1. Let go of resentment (conscious or not) towards men. This can show up in so many ways including: making out like men are stupid or making assumptions with statements like “men only want sex” “men don’t feel as much as women” “men are players” “men can’t handle me” “men don’t listen” etc

2. Praise the men we meet! Love & adore men! The most effective way to create a world of ‘no good men’ is by focusing on whats not good enough, bitching, nagging, or complaining. Women repel men’s love with this behaviour.

3. Have strong boundaries and clear communication. Call men out with calm and patient words when you feel mistreated, unheard, unseen. If you feel violated remove yourself from the situation. A loving woman must love herself first before she can truly shine love on another. Therefore she doesn’t stay in situations that threaten her self love, staying in situations of abuse (emotional or physical) enables bad behaviour.

4. Choose to worship men and their sexuality with total love and reverence. This is a very important key. Watch what happens when you shine your heart and worship your mans sexuality as his power and invite him to feel you. Watch men transform and rise when women stay in our hearts and our tenderness.

To create a new paradigm of love in the world (and in YOUR life) we have to heal any unresolved issues with the opposite sex.
Otherwise your hidden beliefs about men will show up in your relationships.
The patterns that we live out in these relationships directly reflect our inner relationship to your masculine energy.