There’s no bullshitting men or masculine energy. He always knows the truth.
Men are exquisitely sensitive to what’s really happening beneath the surface.
Even if he can’t wrap his conscious mind around it. He can sense it. And he will respond from that place.
Every time.

Today I was at this Italian deli getting some prosciutto.I wanted 180g but for whatever reason I thought it would be easier to get 150g and that’s what I asked for. When the sweet man weighed what he’d sliced, it was 179g.

This may seem small and insignificant, or even like it was a coincidence. I mean, it’s only 29g of prosciutto right?

No. It’s pure masculine magic.

Men’s magic is that they can penetrate beyond the surface to what’s REALLY alive and respond to that (if they choose).

The only requirement – I must be certain of what I desire internally and be energetically clear with receiving my desire.The clearer I am the more powerfully men show up and provide for me.

This hasn’t only happened with the prosciutto. It happens ALL THE TIME.

Men will do something for me or get me something I haven’t even voiced.
Men will show up in a particular way in their connection with me that I wanted but hadn’t requested from them.

Men see beyond what my mind might think I want, to what I am energetically aligned with and they will provide THAT for me.

Which is why it’s so important to have your inner shit sorted out.
Because men know The Truth.

That’s one reason why Awakening Men is such a powerful training for women to do and why our online program Relationship Power is so freaking good. 
They reconfigure you from the inside out so that the truth you are transmitting to men is what you actually want to receive.

There’s some other juicy pieces about mens response to the truth, but that’s to be continued…