Awakening Connections was conceived in 2016 as the Awakening Men Training for Women.

The journey of this work since then has been incredible!

It started out as a training for women wanting to learn how to support the men in their lives in a more compassionate way. Instead, is was a profound journey of transformation that changed every woman’s life and totally revolutionised the way they related to and loved men.


Then, at the beginning of 2019 and after so may requests, we ran our first mens training – Awakening Women.

The beauty and sensitivity of these men cracked our hearts wide open. Their bravery, vulnerability and desire to LOVE women with all of themselves took this work to a whole new depth.

And with that, the name of this work morphed from Awakening Men into Awakening Connections to encompass all humans and the desire at the core of us all – connection.


We are really proud of what this body of work has become and of the revolutionary magic it is infusing into relating. It is a profound exploration of relationship and how to create what you truly desire within it.

There are a lot of relationship courses out there, go and do them all if you want to.

But when you are ready for the REALLY good shit, come do this.


We are pioneers for a new paradigm of relationship that is so exquisite you may not believe it’s even possible.

It is.

And it is available to anyone brave enough to go to their depths and question everything they thought they new about relationships, the opposite gender and themselves.


The Team

Alejandra Nicolazzo, Lead Facilitator

Alejandra is an intimacy, sexuality and relationship empowerment coach and workshop facilitator. She has extensive experience working with men and women in the fields of sexuality, connection and vulnerability using a range of different modalities.

Alejandra co-created Awakening Connections with Shaney Marie and is passionate about helping men and women understand the power they hold to bring out the best in each other. Her mission is to support humanity to bravely open their hearts to new paradigms of deeply authentic and sexy relating.

Jared Osborne, Lead Facilitator

Jared began his journey at 18 years old when he decided to tackle head on his struggle with self esteem, depression, masculinity and relationships. He found the insights and wisdom he’d gained over decades invaluable to other men - and has gone onto help hundreds of men transform their lives and intimate connections.

He’s built and run numerous workshops for men, and founded Golden Body Qigong to help men live powerfully from their body. He started as a special guest at the Awakening Men training – (he rarely works with women, we are super lucky to have his deep insights), but now is also a co-creator at Awakening Connections!

Shaney Marie, Lead Facilitator

Shaney Marie is a renowned transformational leader and creative consultant in the realm of erotic mysteries. She is skilled in the art of revealing truth and is a guide for those who seek depth and are ready for an evolutionary jump in their sensual, erotic, emotional and creative brilliance.

Shaney works intensively one on one with clients, is a group facilitator, an international speaker, a writer and creates programs that have changed people's entire experience of themselves, their relationships and their lives.

Sheena Margaret, Business Manager & Event Coordinator

Sheena began her journey into self development in childhood by tagging along with her parents to workshops on communication, emotional intelligence and business (these were always her favourite). She believes that business is one of the most powerful tools to create change in the world.

She has always been deeply curious about how our beliefs and inner world create and influence our experiences in life. This curiosity is what led her to the first ever Awakening Men training and why she is still a passionate advocate of the power of this body of work today.

Sarah Hartwright, Sales & Support Facilitator

Sarah has a rich history and personal transformation journey. She strongly resonates with the story of the Phoenix, particularly with regards to mental illness, addiction, sexuality and relationships. She is now a fiercely passionate practitioner using holistic communication, connection and empowerment tools for deep self awareness and authentic expression.

Adorning herself with the title of Sales Merakisa, Sarah serves the expansion of the Awakening Connections work with creativity, intuition, heart and soul, uniting those desiring and ready for extraordinary relationships with the opportunities we provide.