Awakening Connections


“I am forever changed.
The world has transformed.
I see with new eyes.
With a heart that is fuller than ever before.”

– Sevgi

This is a world-class offering that every single human on the planet should do.

I don’t know of anything else in existence that compares.

– Kristian Stephen-Martin

“…this training has exceeded all of my expectations!”

– Nicole Stewart

I now have a deeper understanding, compassion and love for the women in my life.

– Jeremy Scuzs

“This is by far the best thing I’ve done to improve my relationship to men in my life and ultimately my relationship to myself as well.”

– Sarah

“Awakening Men has been an initiation in really being able to honour and love men.

It’s changed how I’ve been relating with men. I’m coming from a more heart centred space and I’ve dropped some of the stories that were stopping me from connecting to men. I’m allowing myself to be more vulnerable and surrender to what I’m ultimately really yearning for – deep deep connection”

– EJ Love

The Team

Alejandra Nicolazzo, Facilitator

Alejandra’s journey with men commenced as an escort before moving on to working intimately as a Sexuality and Intimacy Coach. She is a Dancing Eros facilitator (taking groups of men and women through a profound journey of sexual liberation) and she is the co-creator of the Awakening Connections Programs.

Jared Osborne, Facilitator

Jared began his journey at 18 years old when he decided to tackle head on his struggle with self esteem, depression, masculinity and relationships. He found the insights and wisdom he’d gained over decades invaluable to other men – and has gone onto help hundreds of men transform their lives and intimate connections. He’s built and run numerous workshops for men, and founded Golden Body Qigong to help men live powerfully from their body. He started as a special guest at the Awakening Men training – (he rarely works with women, we are super lucky to have his deep insights), but now is also a co-creator at Awakening Connections!

Shaney Marie, Facilitator

Shaney also began her journey in the sex industry as an erotic dancer. She has worked intensively with men weaving tantric practice, therapeutic creativity and ritual to transform the lives of thousands of her clients through private practice. She is a well of endless visioning, and has founded various projects including Orgasmic Hearts, Sex Witch and our very own Awakening Connections.

Sheena Margaret, Event Coordinator

Sheena began her journey into self development in childhood by tagging along with her parents to workshops on communication, emotional clearing and business (these were always her favourite). She firmly believes that business is one of the most powerful tools to create change in the world.

Her curiosity in the sexuality field started when at 18, on a spur of the moment decision, she stepped into the escorting world. The gifts and challenges of this experience lead her to explore a multitude of erotic embodiment and sacred sexuality practices. This is how Sheena landed in the first ever Awakening Men training and she has been supporting the Awakening Connections body of work behind the scenes ever since.