There is nothing that enlivens relationships more than the potency of chemistry – the charge, the tension and the excitement of passionate desire is irresistible.

It is this magnetism, this enchantment, this allure that is the elixir of relationship and connection. It weaves a certain magic through our romantic interactions.

Without it, we may still have great ‘friendships’ or ‘partnerships’ but we will be missing out on the ‘spark’.


Attraction has often been considered as an elusive ‘je ne sais quoi’.

What if it wasn’t a mystery but rather something you could understand, cultivate and play with in a healthy way to bring out the best in those around you?

What if you could ignite the spark of attraction and keep the flame alive in your relationships?


Awakening Attraction is a special online workshop for women where we will be traversing all things ATTRACTION.

The topics we will be exploring are:

– Understanding the effect you have (or don’t have) on men.

– What men find alluring in women.

– What you WANT to attract and what you actually attract.

– Uncovering the blind spots that are keeping you from having the relationships you want with men.

– How you ignite the spark of attraction.


Join Alejandra Nicolazzo, Michelle Panning & Sarah Hartwright for an evening that will leave you empowered in your capacity to awaken a sexier, juicier, more alive world of attraction for yourself and with others.

“I am forever changed.
The world has transformed.
I see with new eyes.
With a heart that is fuller than ever before.”

– Sevgi

This is a world-class offering that every single human on the planet should do.

I don’t know of anything else in existence that compares.

– Kristian Stephen-Martin

“…this training has exceeded all of my expectations!

– Nicole Stewart

I now have a deeper understanding, compassion and love for the women in my life.

– Jeremy Scuzs


LOCATION: This event will be held online via zoom. Link supplied after registration.

TIME: 7pm – 8:30pm AEST, Thursday 30th July 2020