Go from having ‘ok’, ‘average’ or even ‘good’ relationships to being able to create OUT OF THIS WORLD, HOT AS FUCK, EPICALLY ALIVE and POWERFUL RELATIONSHIPS.

No. Matter. What.

You are responsible for making your relationship dreams come true.

Nobody else can do it for you.


You will not sacrifice what it is your heart truly longs for in intimacy.

You are ready to stand up and claim what it is you want AND you are committed to doing whatever it takes to create it.


This is your time.

Because you say it is.

Because you claim it as yours.


This program is for the men and women who are ABSOLUTELY READY AND WILLING to really fucking go there and take FULL responsibility for the VIBRANCY OF THEIR RELATIONSHIPS.

If you want to blame men/women, your dates, your boyfriend/girlfriend or your partner for your relationship issues and dissatisfaction this is not the program for you.

Close this window. Get out of here now.


Relationship Power is for those who want a map to understanding relationships because you KNOW there is buried treasure held within them and you are committed to discovering yours.


At it’s heart, this program is a framework that will empower you to create a relationship that you LOVE.

A relationship that is anchored in your own wholeness.

A relationship that nourishes your heart, sex and soul.

A relationship that fuels your purpose and supports you to be all that you can be in the world.

We have developed a deceptively simple tool.

One that will teach you to understand relationships and connection in a way that will allow you to diagnose why a relationship isn’t working AND what to do about it.

It puts the power firmly in your hands to consciously create relationships that deeply fulfil you.


You will also learn to understand men and women inside a new framework that will illuminate why and how your connections have sizzled or burnt out, and most importantly how to create intimacy, connection and love that lasts.


Regardless of whether you are currently partnered or not, you will receive profound insight into the elements that make a relationship flourish.


Are you truly ready to receive what you REALLY desire in relationships?

If you are, Relationship Power is for you.




Relationship Power is a 4 week program that is delivered live.

This is an interactive program where you will be engaging with other participants and the facilitators, so while replays will be available we recommend you attend live to get the most out of your investment.


Individual enrolment is $800 or 4x weekly payments of $210 ($840 total).

Couples enrolment is $1200 or 4x weekly payments of $310 ($1240 total).


The next round of this program will be in 2021. If you would like to stay connected and be notified when the dates are set sign up to our mailing list below.