“I am forever changed.
The world has transformed.
I see with new eyes.
With a heart that is fuller than ever before.”

– Sevgi /// Awakening Men May 2018

“This is a world-class offering that every single human on the planet should do.

I don’t know of anything else in existence that compares.”

– Kristian Stephan-Martin /// Awakening Women September 2019

What brought me here was a desire to have amazing relationships throughout my whole life.

I’ve watched my parents have a really platonic relationship when they’ve been married for 35 years. That makes me sad because I believe intimate relating is one of the spaces that’s most powerful in our lives for personal and spiritual growth. So I want to make sure my relationships are juicy and deep and intimate and connected and yummy and I don’t want to get to my 60’s and not be having sex with my partner and be really disconnected and not have that depth in my life.

I knew the pathway for me to achieve that was to really master myself in my relationships with men and to really understand men but also have the tools to connect with men in the way they need to be connected with because it’s different to how women need to be connected with.

And I feel like with that as my intention this training has exceeded all of my expectations!

I’m ready to go out and create those amazing juicy relationships in my life and really see men in a new light.”

– Nicole Stewart /// Awakening Men October 2016

“Doing this training has opened the door for me to integrate the part of me that loves men and wants to connect deeper with the masculine and the feminine within me and in others. Seeing the beauty in being a woman and being a man, in the feminine, the masculine and how we are each our own unique expression, was vulnerable, moving and heart opening.”

– Julia R. /// Awakening Men May 2018

“This is by far the best thing I’ve done to improve my relationship to men in my life and ultimately my relationship to myself as well.”

– Sarah Hartwright /// Awakening Men February 2019

Awakening Men has been an initiation in really being able to honour and love men.

It’s changed how I’ve been relating with men. I’m coming from a more heart centred space and I’ve dropped some of the stories that were stopping me from connecting to men. I’m allowing myself to be more vulnerable and surrender to what I’m ultimately really yearning for – deep deep connection.

– EJ Love /// Awakening Men October 2016

I now have a deeper understanding, compassion and love for the women in my life.

– Jeremy Scuzs /// Awakening Women September 2019

“This is one of the most immersive and powerful experiences I have ever participated in.

– Anthony Duckworth /// Awakening Women March 2019

“Holy molyyy! Many parts of me have died and been rewritten! I’m feeling so much god damn deep love, compassion and respect for Men!
Thank you to Shaney, Alejandra & Jared for your time, love and commitment in bringing this work into my world and the world! The journey has just begun!”

– Alexandra /// Awakening Men May 2018

“I’m slowly picking up the shattered pieces of my heart.
I’m grateful to have experienced the teachings, presence and wisdom of these extraordinary facilitators at Awakening Men”

– Heather /// Awakening Men May 2018

“If you’re a man out there who is sitting on the fence about this work, you need to dive in. Something is calling you.

It is easy to read books on stepping into your full power as a man, and easy to hear jargon at workshops or on blogs about the nature of the feminine, but none of this can give you a practical and experiential grasp of that confronting journey.

This course can. It will force you to connect the dots within YOURSELF, so that you can feel and act from the truths that you seek.

– Will Hassall /// Awakening Women March 2019

“The most powerful training for women to learn about men and how to really connect sex and heart.

Life changing. Love changing. World changing.

– Zoe Swain /// Awakening Men May 2017


* Testimonials have been lightly edited for clarity.