Awakening Connections

Awakening Men

For Women

A 4 day immersion for women designed to release dis-empowering beliefs and discover how to awaken the hearts and souls of the men they love and support.

Awakening Men is a deeply transformative journey for those women ready to go to their depths and question everything they thought they knew about men – and themselves.

This training is designed to support women to release the emotional wounds they hold in relationship to men. As well as to integrate and embrace the teachings of sacred sexuality and conscious relating into their own life.

If you are experiencing shadow in your relationships with men in the forms of emotional drama and misunderstandings, not feeling fully met, closure of the heart, unmet needs emotionally and sexually, or dysfunction in your relationships even in little ways you have outdated beliefs and conditioning running in your psyche and it’s time for an upgrade.

This work is about going deeply into self reflection.

You will peel back all the layers so you can take a really good look at all the ways you contribute to dysfunction in relationship. In that place you will gain profound insight into the patterns and behaviours that create dissatisfaction in the realms of connection.

Then you will be supported to shift what you’ve discovered so you can have the true intimacy you desire and feel fully met by the men in your life.

You will let go of the emotional baggage and wounding you hold around men. Cleansing your psyche of the hidden expectations, agenda’s and resentments that are sabotaging your receptivity to the divine fucking exquisiteness you yearn for in deep deep connection and intimacy.


  • You want greater insight into the hearts and sexualities of men
  • You recognize you are carrying some negative beliefs about men and seem to keep attracting the same experiences over and over again
  • You want to know the secrets to understand and love men more fully
  • You experience misunderstandings with men
  • You want an embodied experience of how to better relate to men



  • Where your blind spots are holding you back from creating the relationships you desire with men
  • How to release stories, fears and discomfort around men and their sexuality
  • The vulnerabilities, depth and sensitivity of men and their hearts
  • Ways to initiate a man into his strength, power and purpose as well as how to bring him into his soft heartfelt feeling
  • Tools to enhance greater cock consciousness, deep presence and sexual freedom
  • The secrets to communicating with men so that they open to you instead of shut you out

“I am forever changed.
The world has transformed.
I see with new eyes.
With a heart that is fuller than ever before.”

– Sevgi

This is a world-class offering that every single human on the planet should do.

I don’t know of anything else in existence that compares.

– Kristian Stephen-Martin

“…this training has exceeded all of my expectations!

– Nicole Stewart

I now have a deeper understanding, compassion and love for the women in my life.

– Jeremy Scuzs


This training is held in Melbourne, Australia.

The venue is in Lower Plenty. Details supplied after registration



$1,045 Super Early Bird
To be paid in full (first in – limited to 5 people)

$1,210 Early Bird
To be paid in full (first in – limited to 5 people)
Or 4 x fortnightly payments of $312.50 ($1,250 total)

$1,400 Full Price
To be paid in full
Or 4 x fortnightly payments of $362.50 ($1,450 total)
Or 6x fortnightly payments of $250 ($1,500 total)


February 2020

Thursday 27th, 10am – 7pm
Friday 28th, 10am – 7pm
Saturday 29th, 10am – 7pm
Sunday 1st (March), 10am – 7pm

Facilitated by
Jared Osborne, Alejandra Nicolazzo & Shaney Marie

August 2020

Thursday 27th, 10am – 7pm
Friday 28th, 10am – 7pm
Saturday 29th, 10am – 7pm
Sunday 30th, 10am – 7pm

Facilitated by
Jared Osborne & Alejandra Nicolazzo

Awakening Connections Facilitators

Alejandra Nicolazzo, Facilitator

Alejandra’s journey with men commenced as an escort before moving on to working intimately as a Sexuality and Intimacy Coach. She is a Dancing Eros facilitator (taking groups of men and women through a profound journey of sexual liberation) and she is the co-creator of the Awakening Connections Programs.

Jared Osborne, Facilitator

Jared began his journey at 18 years old when he decided to tackle head on his struggle with self esteem, depression, masculinity and relationships. He found the insights and wisdom he’d gained over decades invaluable to other men – and has gone onto help hundreds of men transform their lives and intimate connections. He’s built and run numerous workshops for men, and founded Golden Body Qigong to help men live powerfully from their body. He started as a special guest at the Awakening Men training – (he rarely works with women, we are super lucky to have his deep insights), but now is also a co-creator at Awakening Connections!

Shaney Marie, Facilitator

Shaney also began her journey in the sex industry as an erotic dancer. She has worked intensively with men weaving tantric practice, therapeutic creativity and ritual to transform the lives of thousands of her clients through private practice. She is a well of endless visioning, and has founded various projects including Orgasmic Hearts, Sex Witch and our very own Awakening Connections.